Omnitech Institute does not guarantee job placement. However, it does provide employment assistance to its current students and graduates by means of the following services:

  • Advises industry of the availability of the school’s students and graduates through regular contact and develops listings of job opportunities from these employers.

  • Advises students on interviewing techniques and personal development.

  • Contacts graduates after graduation to determine their professional development and to provide additional assistance if desired.

    A successful job search is dependent upon a self-confident, well-prepared applicant with a pre-planned strategy. The Career Services office will assist the graduate in putting together this strategy and provide training in successful resume preparation.

    Only graduates of Omnitech programs are eligible for career assistance. In order to utilize effectively the services of the Career Services department, the graduates must comply with the Omnitech /Career Services guidelines and must have the legal right to accept employment in the United States.

Available to All Graduates


It is the expressed intent of the school to promote the professional and career development of its students. To enhance this effort, the school engages in several programs that assist students in job placement.

This assistance may come in the way of working with corporate clients to secure interviews for students/graduates; securing externship location; etc. Although Omnitech Institute offers lifetime career placement assistance, this assistance is contingent upon the student/graduate exhibiting a professional demeanor at all times during this process. Professional demeanor is defined as:

  • Arriving at least fifteen minutes early for all appointments and employment and externship interviews. This includes appointments with the Career Services department.

  • Once a commitment is made by the student/graduate to participate in the in interview process with a corporate client, the student/graduate will be required to follow through with the process until completion. Not showing up for an interview once interview is scheduled and confirmed, will not be tolerated.

  • Students/graduates are expected to be respectful with a positive attitude during the interview process and while either completing his/her externship and/or employment with corporate clients.

  • Students/graduates will be expected to participate in Career Services Workshops provided by the Career Services Department. Workshop topics include but, are not limited to: Resume Writing Skills; Interviewing Skills; Negotiation Tactics and Workplace Ethics.

Violation of this policy may result in termination of career placement assistance. Violations include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Tardiness. A student/graduate who is tardy for appointments, including interviews.
  • No call/no show. Student/graduates who do not call or show for employment and/or externship interviews will no longer receive career placement assistance.
  • Poor attitude during employment/externship interview process and/or during employment. Students/graduates who display poor attitudes may have their career placement assistance benefits terminated.

Network Engineer Program


– Network Engineer Network

– Manager Systems Administrator

– Systems Engineer

– Technical Consultant

Digital Media Program


– Engineer

– Assistant Engineer

– Tracking Engineer

– Editing Engineer

– Web Graphics Designer

– Videographer

– Web Designer

– Help Desk Support

Medical Assistant


– Medical Assistant

– Medical Insurance Biller

– Medical Records Clerk

– Phlebotomist, EKG Technician

– Office Manager