*There Is A Non-Refundable , Thirty Dollar Application Fee In Order To Process The Application
Home Address *
Home Address
If applicable, I authorize Omnitech Institute to charge the above credit card account for the selected classes, as well as any additional fees as they become due under the terms of this agreement.
I understand that I am personally responsible for all tuition, fees and other charges arising from and during my enrollment at OTI. I understand that it is my personal obligation to pay all OTI tuition, fees and other charges when due; if I do not pay OTI the full amount of any scheduled payment when that payment is due, I may not be permitted to continue my studies. I understand that if I am not permitted to continue my studies because I have failed to pay my OTI tuition, fees or other cha1·ges when due I am still personally responsible for the amount remaining due in accordance with the OTI refund policy. I understand that OTI will not release my academic transcript either to me or to anyone requesting my transcript and I will not be permitted to re-enroll at OTI if at the time of the transcript request or when I seek to 1-e-enroll I still owe OTI for tuition, fees or other charges. I understand that any student financial assistance made available to me may not completely cover my OTI tuition, fees, and other challenges and I understand that any OTI tuition, fees or other charges that are not paid by such: financial assistance remains my personal financial Obligation. I understand that I may be subject to late payment options in accordance with the OTI Financing Policy.

The OTJ refund policy applies to all students regardless of the funding source. OTI will follow state-mandated refund procedures for those who withdraw prior to the completion of their program. Refunds will be paid within 30 days of the date OTI is notified or determines that the withdrawal has occurred in all cases; refunds will be calculated based on the student's last date of attendance. For more information, see the back of this form.
This agreement sets forth the entire Agreement and understanding between the parties, and all previous discussions, understandings, representations, negotiations, and agreements with respect to the matters included in this Agreement m-e merged herein. Additionally, the consideration recited herein is the full, complete and entire consideration for this Agreement, and there is no further consideration to be paid by any party to any other party other than as recited herein.

To ensure that students are taught "industry current" skills, the school reserves the right to modify or update course content within the same content area when hardware and software are updated by the manufacturers.
Omnitech Institute promises to go above and beyond the normal class materials up to and including personalized tutoring to ensure that each student is fully satisfied with the amount of information received in class as it relates to the topic and any certification exams relating to the topic in our test prep courses, however, Omnitech Institute makes no warranty, expressed or implied, that Student will obtain employment as a result of successfully completing any class, nor does Omnitech guarantee any salary or salary increase to be received by the Student. During a student's stay, a student is not guaranteed any particular teacher for any particular length of any program or course. Teachers or instructors may change at any time or for any reason as Omnitech sees fit in order to provide the best education possible for the entire student body.

If any provision or part of a provision of this Agreement shall be determined to be invalid by a court of competent jurisdiction, the remainder of the Agreement shall remain valid and enforceable by any party. This Agreement may not be changed orally, but only in writing and signed by all parties hereto. 'This Agreement is made and entered into in the State of Georgia, and shall in all respect be interpreted, enforced and governed by and under the laws of the State of Georgia. Student hereby expressly warrants and represents to Omnitech that before signing this agreement, Student has formally informed him/herself of the terms, content, conditions, and effect of this enrollment agreement; that no promises or representation of any kind have been made to Student, by or on the behalf of Omnitech Institute, Inc., except as expressly stated herein. When a course offers a computer us a part of the materials, a student is not allowed to take their computer home until the course is completely paid for. This includes partial payments, majority payments, and long-term financing options. The computer is not the property of the student until the student's account is fully satisfied.

You have the right to cancel this Agreement, including any equipment or other goods and services included in the Agreement, until midnight of the third business day (excluding Saturday, Sunday, and Legal Holidays) after the Enrollment Agreement is signed. To cancel this transaction, mail or deliver a signed and dated copy of this cancellation notice or any written notice or send a telegram to the OTI address indicated above.

Should a student withdraw or be dismissed for any reason, the following policy applies,
A. A full refund of all money paid If the student Is not accepted by OTI.
B. If a student cancels prior to commencement of classes:
1. All monies paid by the prospective student, including application fee, are refunded If he/she requests the refund within three (3} business days after signing an enrollment agreement with the institution,
2. Prior to beginning classes, If no enrollment agreement Is signed with the institution, the applicant receives a full refund of all monies paid. If he/she requests a refund within three(3) business days after making a payment to the institution.
3. If a student makes an advance payment of tuition before classes begin, one hundred percent (100) of the tuition payment will be refunded should the student fall to begin classes. The refund will be made within thirty (30) days of the start of class.
C. If a student withdraws or Is dismissed after the commencement of classes, a percentage refund of tuition charges based on the length of attendance will be made to a student withdrawing from classes prior to the completion of his/her program of study according to the following.

1. Withdrawal during the first five percent (5%) of instructional time 95% of the program charges will be refunded,
2. Withdrawal after (5%) but not more than 10% of program charges, no less than 90% of tuition Is refunded.
3. Withdrawal after 10% but not more than 25% of the program change, no less than 75% of tuition Is refunded.
4. Withdrawal after 25% but not more than 50% of program charge, no less than 50% of tuition is refunded, and
5. Withdrawal after 50% of program charges, no refund will be made.

When refunds are due, they shall be made within thirty (30) days of the last day of attendance if written notification has been provided to the institution by the student, otherwise, refunds shall be made within thirty {30) days from the date that the institution terminates the student or determines withdrawal by the student. In any event, all refunds shall be made within forty-five (45) days of the student's last day of attendance.
A student enrolled in a program longer than twelve (12) calendar months is not financially obligated to OTI beyond the first twelve-month (12} period If the student withdraws during the first twelve-month period. Furthermore, CTI will refund 100 percent of the tuition beyond the Initial twelve (12) months.
Georgia law requires that the period for which a student Is charged cannot exceed twelve (12) months. Under the state refund _ policy, if a student withdraws during the first twelve (12) months, the refund, if any, is calculated using 12-month tuition.
The balance of the contracted time beyond twelve months is calculated on a percentage basis as stated by the Georgia Refund Policy.
D, In the case of a prolonged illness or accident, death In the family, or other circumstances that make It Impractical to complete the program, OTI shall make a settlement that is reasonable and fair to both the student and CTI. (See Leave of Absence Policy)

In the event that CTI cancels or changes a program of study, in which a student is enrolled and unable to complete the program, arrangements shall be made in a timely manner to accommodate the needs of each student affected by the cancellation or change. If the school is unable to make alternative arrangements that are satisfactory to both the school and the student, OT/ will refund all monies paid by the student for the program. Similarly, If the school cancels or changes the time or location of a course in such a way that a student who has started the course Is unable to complete it, the school shall refund all monies paid by the student.
Examples of the application of the refund policies and procedures are available, upon request in the Business Office. OTI personnel meet at least weekly to identify students who have ceased attending, and to Institute refund procedures with respect to these students.
All refunds will be repaid in the above priority order up to the amount received from that program.

We recognize that, on occasion, you may have a concern or issue with some aspect of your CTI experience. To ensure that you receive a prompt and fair response, OTI has created a formal system to facilitate the resolution of any concern or Issue with OTI, including the process of recruitment and enrollment, the educational process, financial matters, and placement assistance. If you are not satisfied with the results, you have the right to pursue further action through arbitration. At the time of enrollment, each student signs a form, which provides a detailed description of this system,
The first place to start If you have a concern or Issue Is to raise It Informally with your Instructor or, if it Is not an instructional Issue, with the appropriate CTI staff member. In many cases, your concern can be resolved at the Informal level. If that approach does not resolve your concern, you begin the formal dispute resolution process by presenting a written description of your complaint to your Instructor, or In the case of a non-instructional issue, to the appropriate OTI staff member. The written complaint which should be on the OTI Complaint Form, should Include as much information as possible to assist in addressing your concern and must include a statement of what you would like done to resolve the matter. The complaint must be signed and dated, and It must Include your address and telephone number. Copies of the OTI Complaint Form are available from Student Services, Admissions, Financial Aid, or the office of the School Director.
In the event you do not obtain a resolution to your satisfaction at the first level or any subsequent level, you must request that your complaint be considered by the next level.
Level I - Instructor/Lead Instructor or appropriate OTI Staff Member
Level 2 - Student Services Manager or Advisor or appropriate OTI Staff
Member Immediate Supervisor
Level 3 - Director of Education, Admission, or Financial Aid or Business Manager as appropriate
Level 4 - School Director
In addition, you may at any time contact the state approval agency and OTl's accrediting agency, OTI appreciates the opportunity to address student concerns before these agencies are contacted.
State of Georgia Non-Public
Post-Secondary Education Commission
2082 East Exchange Place, Suite 220
Tucker, GA 30084•5305

In the unlikely event that the student has a dispute with Omnitech Institute, that is not resolved through the Comprehensive Dispute Resolution System, student hereby agrees that dispute shall be settled through arbitration with the Better Business Bureau of Metropolitan Atlanta.

If an Applicant is a minor, this Agreement must be endorsed by his/her father, mother, legal guardian or a responsible person over 18 years of age. I recommend the acceptance of this Applicant and agree to payment of tuition in accordance with the terms and conditions set forth herein.