Omnitech Institute’s mission is to provide quality education to students who wish to pursue careers in multiple vocational, technical, and medical fields. Omnitech mission is to provide training that will meet the needs of students and employers by offering programs that will give students the skill sets they need to secure and retain employment through comprehensive placement assistance. Omnitech will continue to expand its program to meet the ever changing and dynamic needs in our challenging worldwide and local economy to equip our students for successful occupations.


Organization & Administration


Omnitech Institute was founded in 1998. The school was originally developed and designed to train and equip people in Atlanta and surrounding areas, with the knowledge and skills required to land significant and successful careers. The founder of Omnitech recognized the need for affordable high quality training to support the technology industry and decided to unite IT certified professionals with professionals from other industries such as the medical and music industries to train adults who are facing a technology dominated and ever changing job market. The primary goal of Omnitech is to prepare individuals for a career that they may not otherwise be prepared for or have access to.  OTI is a state authorized School that focuses on:

  • Occupational/Career Training

  • Certification/Job Placement Assistance

  • Business Creation…I.T. Medical, and Digital Media Industries.

    Approvals and Associations

  • Approved by U.S. Department of Education

  • The Non Postsecondary Education Commission (State Authorized School)

  • VA Benefits accepted

    Omnitech certifies that the school and its owners are of good reputation and character. Further, the school’s staff obtained degree credentials from accredited institutions recognized by the US Department of Education. In addition, every director meets the requirements established by NPEC for his/her position.


Completion, Graduation and Placement


Graduation Rate (%)                     83%

Total Completion Rate (%)              84%

Graduate Placement Rate (%)         82%

Total Placement Rate (%)                83%



Annual Fire Safety, Health and Security Report

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School Course Catalog

2020 Course Catalog