– What’s going on we live. My name’s Kardi Barclay. We live at Omnitech Institute man alma mater. The program I went in for was digital media, graduated. Proud graduate of 2014 you know. What I can say is what Omnitech brought to me was, photography, video. You got sound that I actually put a part of what I do now. I have a company called Heart Arts. And I have a company called Royal Sound. And those two merged together and create what I call, The Hard Movement that I got going on for my movement. I could say, if you wanna find me, it’s at Kardi Barclay K A R D I B A R C L A Y. That’s everywhere on the web. But just to kinda give you a little bit who I am, I’m an innovator you know, and going to a school like Omnitech, it helped me hone in some of those skills and learn how to better myself in this world. So, you gotta have passion first and you gotta have dedication. And I say by going Omnitech each day and every day, it helped me to prosper. So I could say y’all Omnitech live in effect. Oh national. Kardi Barclay.