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Session Start Dates

  • Day Class:
    Monday - Friday 9am-2:30pm

  • Night Classes:
    Monday - Thursday 4pm-8pm

New session start dates are scheduled 2 to 3 times a month, providing multiple opportunities for students to begin their program and ensuring flexibility for families with varying schedules.

Cost & Payment Options

The total cost for the program is $23,999** and many students utilize our financing options.

There are a limited number of seats available in each class. Seats are reserved on a first-come, first-serve basis. Click here to schedule a tour of our school.

**Tuition and fees are subject to change. Please verify with the Finance Department office department.

Financial Resources

The Finance Department is designed to assist students in meeting the costs of their education. The Finance Department Advisors will assess your financial need and determine the amount and type of aid you are eligible to receive. Advisors will notify students of any information and or documentation needed. You should be aware that the Finance Department process requires your full cooperation in order to ensure that you are prepared for all expenses for school.

When you are notified to come to the office for any reason, you should respond as soon as possible. The advisors work very closely with each student to ensure that necessary paperwork is received and processed in a timely manner. We urge you to become acquainted with the Finance Department staff to work together in meeting your educational and financial goals.

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Workforce Innovation & Opportunity Act (WIOA)

We are approved providers for the grant given through this amazing program! The grant that this program offers may cover the entire tuition cost or a large part of it! Grant money does not need to be paid back.

We have direct contacts for your county to put you in touch with.

Program Objectives

The Medical Assistant Program (MA) provides the background which enables a student to assume a responsible entry level position as a Medical Assistant. Required laboratory skills and administrative procedures are taught for use in a physician’s office or clinic. The program concludes with an externship at a medical facility.

Job Placement

Omnitech Institute does not guarantee job placement. However, it does provide employment assistance to its current students and graduates by means of the following services:

  • Advises industry of the availability of the school’s students and graduates through regular contact and develops listings of job opportunities from these employers.
  • Advises students on interviewing techniques and personal development.
  • Contacts graduates after graduation to determine their professional development and to provide additional assistance if desired.

A successful job search is dependent upon a self-confident, well-prepared applicant with a pre-planned strategy. The Career Services office will assist the graduate in putting together this strategy and provide training in successful resume preparation.

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Program Modules

NE 100 Microsoft Suites

Students will become familiar with Microsoft Office Suite’s set of programs that are commonly utilized for productivity tasks, including word processing programs, spreadsheet tools, presentation software, email programs and others.

NE 101MA Intro to Medical Computers w/ Medisoft

Students will be introduced to Computer programs such as Medisoft and Electronic Medical Systems EMS. Microsoft Word, Excel, Power Point in an effort to utilize skills learned for various projects.

MA 101A Intro to MA Practices/HIPAA/OSHA & Med Term

Week 1 and 2 Students will be introduced to what Medical Assisting encompasses and the various types of Medical practices where he/she can be employed. The students will be introduced to the first phase of medical terminology which is the medical language utilized in the medical profession. This will involve the introduction of common medical abbreviations and symbols.

Week 3 and 4 during this module the students will be introduced to the laboratory and its functions. They will also be introduced to HIPAA, OSHA standards, universal and
standard precautions, infection control and lab safety. The students will also be introduced to making recordings in medical charts (SOAP) notes, as well as learning how to take and measure vital signs.

MA 102A Anatomy & Physiology I/Med Terminology

Week 1 Students will be introduced to Anatomy and Physiology Part 1 which explains how the body is organized into different systems and their origins. The Medical Terminology associated with the organization of the body will be learned as well.

Week 2 Students will be introduced to the skeletal system learning the functions and names of the bones in the body along with the associated Medical Terminology.

Week 3 Students will be introduced to the Integumentary System and the importance of how the skin is to the body with the associated Medical Terminology. Week 4 Students will be introduced to the muscular system where they will learn the names and functions of the muscles in the body along with the Medical Terminology for this system. Lab work will include Positioning of the body, charting, measurements, needle and needle sizes and injections along with vital signs.

MA 103A Cardiovascular, Nervous, Respiratory & Urinary Systems

Week 1 Students will be introduced to the Cardiovascular System. Here they will see how the Heart works and functions. The Students will be introduced to the Medical Terminology associated with this system and learn the EKG.

Week 2 Students will learn about the Nervous System and how the nerves in the body function along with the associated Medical Terminology.

Week 3 Students will be introduced to the Respiratory System to show how one breathes and how it affects the body with the associated Medical Terminology along with it.

Week 4 Students will be introduced to the Urinary System and how the body rids waste through urine along with the associated Medical Terminology with this system. Lab work will include Urinalysis, Microscope, Microbiology, EKG, Phlebotomy, Vitals and Peak Flow Meter.

MA 104A Reproductive, Lymphatic, Endocrine & Immune Systems

Week 1 Students will be introduced to the Male and Female Reproductive System, how it functions and the make-up of the human sex organs along with the diseases and disorders. The Medical Terminology associated with this system will be learned as well during this module.

Week 2 Students will be introduced to the Lymphatic and Immune System along with the associated Medical Terminology. Students will learn about immunity, diseases and disorders in the body.

Week 3 Students will be introduced to the Digestive System along with the Medical Terminology. During this module students will learn about the passage of food and the effect it has on the body.

Week 4 The Endocrine System and Special Senses along with the associated Medical Terminology will be discussed. Lab work will include Snellen Charts, Ear Irrigation procedures, removal of sutures and open lab.

MA 105A Administrative Medical Assistant

Week 1 and 2 Students will be introduced to the Administrative Medical Assistant. Here they will learn about office equipment, office computers, Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, excel. Students will learn the Medisoft Medical Program, mail, managing office supplies, patient records and office records.

Week 3 and 4 Students will be introduced to the art of Interacting with patients from different backgrounds and sexes. They will be scheduling appointments, patien reception, patient education, basic bookkeeping, billing and collections. Lab will be open with emphasis on documenting.

MA 106A Medical Law & Ethics/Human Behavior

Week 1 and 2 Students will be introduced to Law and Ethics in the Medical Community. Students will learn how to effectively communicate with patients, families and Coworkers learning al the phases of effective communication including the communication circle Maslow’s Hierarchy of Human needs, Understanding Human behavior and types of communication Psychology 101.

Week 3 and 4 Students will learn to assist with a general Physical Exam and will learn the Surgical Instruments used in the Medical Office. Students will learn Specialties in the Medical field to work in, Medical Emergencies, Triage and assisting with Minor surgery. Lab work will be open to zone skills already learned.

MA 107A Nutrition & Special Diets/Pharmacology

Week 1 Students will be introduced to Nutrition and Special Diets. Students will learn about the food chain and the important of Nutrition to the body. Students will learn how to educate patients when instructed by the Physician on what diet or lifestyle change a patient needs to adhere to.

Week 2 and 3 Students will learn the Principles of Pharmacology. The students will learn the brand and generic names of medicines. Students will learn to calculate measurements when instructed by a Physician.

Week 4 Students will learn about X-Rays and Diagnostic Radiology. Here they will learn the types of Diagnostic procedures ordered by a Physician and the preparation needed by patient before they can undergo a procedure such as a Barium Meal preparation. X-Ray positioning will be shown. Lab Students will be introduced to the study of pharmacology which is the study of how a drug affects a biological system and how the body responds to the drugs.

MA 108A First Aid/CPR & Professional Development

Week 1 Students will learn how to bandage along with basic First Aid. CPR will be taught by the Instructor as well. Week 2: First Aid/CPR/AED training by American Heart Association Test and Certification.

Week 3 and 4: Professional Development Students will be taught the basics of resume writing and updating, dress for success, proper grammar and speech patterns, telephone usage and language, interviewing techniques and career searches. Field trips can be organized, as well as extern/career interviews.

MA 299 Externship (180 hrs.)

Externship is performed after successful completion of all classroom training. The student will be under direct supervision of a preceptor (an experienced certified professional who will provide support and guidance to students during clinical placement) in a medical office or other health care setting.


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