“One of the best things about Omnitech is that you get your IT experience and Digital Media all in one package.”

⁃ Domenic Wakely

“The Reason why I choose Omnitech in the Medical Assistant Field is that it helped me dive deeper into my passion, which is to help people.”

⁃ Shaquandra Freeman

“Omnitech brought into my life Video, Photography, Media, Sound!”

⁃ Jyron “Kardi” Barclay

“I picked Omnitech Medical Assistant because it put me in the right direction for creating an organization for people around the world that do not have medical attention.”

⁃ Maria Herrera

“OmniTech gave me the basics to get myself into Hewlett-Packard.””

– Tyrie Campbell

“Its a great school! Great Institute! Most importantly they give you the tools to succeed.”

-Will Alexander