– Okay this is Tyrie Campbell. With Omnitech Institute. Two times I came to Omnitech. Back in 2000 and it was for my MCSC. And the second time I came around was for my engineering. I got my A-plus and, MCP. And now I’m pretty much I work for HP. In how you say it, in hardware department, mission critical I support all kinds of servers, and switches, and things of that nature. With the training that I got from Omnitech it gave me the understanding of the basics. So I can actually get into a company like HP. Because they’re gonna go ahead and take you from the basics. And they’re going to show you you know. Expand your knowledge on servers and just basically just the support on that able to expand from there. Now, my future. My future looking at I always wanted to teach. I came back to Omnitech and they gave me the opportunity to teach. To teach the next generation of students what I know. And I wanna just keep going from there. And it’s as you know, sky’s the limit. So, like I said. Come to Omnitech. Finish and complete every certification you can get. Go ahead and shoot to get that. Because it can only help you in long. My name is Tyrie Campbell, former Omnitech’s, Omnitech student, Current I’m a Tech Instructor.