– Hello, my name is William Alexander. I’m a former student here at Omnitech Institute. I recently graduated March of 2014. Currently, I was able to obtain my A Plus certification, my Net Plus certification, my Security Plus certification, and I was also able to get an additional certification in the health care industry called the CompTIA Healthcare certification. So I currently hold four certifications. I’m studying now for my Windows 7 MCP and my CCNA. Right now, I’m currently working at Quest Diagnostics where I’m working in logistics but I’m looking to transfer over into HR, where I just got presented with the opportunity to work for human resources. So definitely grateful for the opportunity here at Omnitech. It’s a great school, great institute, but more importantly they give you the tools to use. You know, what you do with it is up to you. But my advice to any student here, maybe struggling, maybe having a hard time, don’t give up, hold each other accountable. Stay the course, I guarantee you once you finish it, it’ll pay off greatly. So I’ll just say my name is William Alexander, a former student and I want to just thank Omnitech for the great opportunity that they presented for me. Thank you.